The need to establish a center for professional training and education in banking was always considered essential for development of banking system of the country. The very first steps were taken by Bank Melli Iran in 1941 by offering banking courses. Subsequently Bank Sepah established Banking Science Institute in 1959.

With the establishment of Central Bank of Iran in 1960, the ground- work for establishment of Iran Banking Institute (“IBI”), for training and educating expert banking manpower, were undertaken by the Central Bank, Bank Melli Iran and Bank Sepah

IBI started its official operation in October 1963 by accepting its first students. According to its official mandate, the students would complete a bachelor’s program in banking in three years. IBI continued its operation until the advent of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. It was then merged with other institutes and colleges specializing in social sciences, accounting and finance to form the Allameh Tabatabaee University.

With the enactment of Usury Free Banking law in September 1983, the need for an independent organization for training and educating the required specialist manpower for banking was felt more strongly than before. Thus extensive research was undertaken by Central Bank and a proposal was submitted to the Money and Credit Council in 1985 for reopening of this independent institute. Finally the re- opening was approved in March 1986.