IBI  has  placed  an  important  emphasis on research and thus the President has a  deputy  in  charge  of  this  important field.   Under   this   deputy,   numerous skilled experts carry out among other things,  activities  such  as  presentation of suitable scientific and specialized guidelines for development of scientific and technological research, innovation, continual upgrading of contents of courses offered, directing research towards the requirements of the banking system in the region and worldwide, commercialization of the outputs of Masters dissertations, and promoting new relationships with prestigious scientific  local and overseas centers. Additionally,   and with a more specialized   approach,   considering   the ever increasing importance of information worldwide  and  the  indispensable  role of information technology, including computers, internet, telecommunication, satellites and the like in providing timely, economical and speedy and modern banking services, the need for identifying the weaknesses and strengths of the banking system is even more apparent.