IBI offers the required training programs in modern banking in general and modern Islamic banking, with a view to enhancing the knowledge and capabilities of the managers and personnel of the banking system by utilizing the services of highly experienced and competent teachers and professionals in these fields.  

IBI holds, on an annual basis, entrance examinations, either directly or through the national examination system, for prospective students from among the personnel of banks. Currently 1,507 students are enrolled in various programs across various fields.

Of these, 201 are studying for an equivalent degree of Higher Diploma in banking, 617 are enrolled in Bachelor’s program in Banking Management, Banking Accounting, Economics of Money and Bank, and Risks and Financial Markets, 90 are studying for an equivalent degree of Bachelors in banking Management and Accounting, 540 are pursuing courses leading to equivalent degree of Masters in Islamic Banking, Banking, Accounting, and Banking Management. It is notable that 59 students are currently studying in master courses in the fields of the Islamic Banking and accounting who were admitted in IBI through the university entrance examination.