Electronic training is one of the most modern methods of distant learning. By implementing different training tools and through the website, this training method makes contacts between teachers and students possible. Not having to be present in a class at a specific place, offering quality training contents and support and reg- istration of numerous students, are among the features of this training method.

IBI started the electronic training in 2010, with the long-term higher diploma program. In this program, 29 courses and totally 77 units were electronically produced and taught. In addi- tion, three online tutorials are held to solve stu- dents’ problems.

In addition to the higher diploma program, the electronic  training courses were developed, as of 2012, for holding these unrelated Bach- elors degrees. In these courses, the electronic contents for 35 units have been developed and presented to the students through the learning management system (LMS). It is worth not- ing that 1636 students have to date graduated through the electronic trainings.

Due to the importance of short term profes- sional courses for the banking system, IBI is planning to develop and expand its electronic trainings in this field by utilizing the state of the art technology.